About Us

Welcome to Secunda Business directory

So what is our purpose?

Our main purpose is to provide information and create brand awareness. From an end-user – a person browsing our site or Facebook page – point of view, we aim to provide information in the best possible way; through ease of access, user experience and visual presentation.
This will not only make the end-user a returning customer, but they will also help spread the word regarding your business, helping your brand become more visible to the outside world.
By enlisting your business on our site, we help you stand out from the crowd and we achieve this by using tried and tested methods of the industry. At the end of the day our main goal is to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment) and make your business another success story.

How do we create brand awareness?

From the website:

We make use of different marketing channels and user journeys to enhance the ease of access for end users. So, in a less technical way, we aim to make it easy for a visitor to navigate through the site (user journey) and reach your business listing. These marketing channels are great ways to utilize and get your brand out there, should a site visitor merely be browsing the site.
To get more generic end users onto the site, we also make use of a few SEO techniques and targeted marketing strategies, creating free exposure for you.

From Facebook:

The first thing you might ask is, why pay for a Facebook post on a page, if you can post your business for free on group.
It’s quite simple. Facebook “Groups” and “Pages” were created differently by Facebook, for very precise reasons.
Groups were designed for a more personal use, such as a cause or a community of a subject. Here is an example: You are a diver and you would like to connect with people with the same interests, either to learn more about diving, seek help or even organize group activities. For this you would create a “Group”. The disadvantages in using a Group for business purposes are, you cannot tag any of your friends in a post if they are not part of the group, in order to make them aware of what is being posted. You also can’t share a group post on your wall, if the group is a “Closed Group”. Other disadvantages is that a group post gets lost in translation, especially if there is a lot of people in the group posting their stuff all the time, which reduces your chances of getting noticed.
So what makes “Pages” so much better then? Well, a Page’s sole purpose is to help generate more awareness of the specific brand.
The above mentioned disadvantages are advantages of a Facebook Page. Not only can you tag and share posts on your own wall, but posts will show up on everyone’s “News Feed” that liked the page, meaning their friends will see the posts as well. This in turn, gives their friends the opportunity to share the post on their wall too. See where we are going with this?
The main advantage of a Facebook Page is target marketing, or “Ad Boosting”, meaning we pay Facebook to advertise specific page posts to a targeted user market i.e. age group, area and interests. This can generate a lot of exposure!
For example, the design company Explane, posted a video on their wall and with a little well planned, targeted advertising, this video has reached 246 000 people.

How do we utilize the above?

We have two main services:

We will enlist your business for free on the website, the listing will include your logo, short description and contact details.


This is the full package! You will receive a business listing that will include a designed banner that will appear at the top of your listing, your logo, a full description of your business and services, contact details and links to your website and other social media.
We will also create and post an ad on our Facebook page and use targeted marketing for a period of 7 days, please note that there will only be 5 slots available per 7 days for targeted marketing and will work on a first come first serve basis. First time enlisters will also have their business name under the “new comers” section on the homepage and be advertised on the Corresponding Category page slider, also for 30 days.
Please note that we will not accept any art work. In order to keep the brand identity of the site, and help business owners with the best possible advertising solution, Explane will be creating professional artwork suited to your business requirements. This includes the banner ad on the Specific Category page, the top banner of your listing, the Facebook ad and an A5 flyer design for print, and all costs are included in the package price.
Should you opt in for the free or intermediate package, you can still make use of individual services we provide, at an additional cost. If you have opted in for the full package and want to update, extend or add any of the other services, you may do so at additional cost. These might include:

  1. Space on the Homepage slider
  2. Space on the Business Directory page slider (cheaper than the homepage slider)
  3. Space on the Corresponding Category page slider (cheaper than the Business Directory page slider)
  4. Featured Listings block on the homepage
  5. Facebook advertising
  6. Facebook ad
  7. Facebook advertising
  8. Any branding for your business

Want to inquire about pricing?

You may either check out our pricing table, alternatively you can send us an email through our contact us page or send us an email directly to price inquiries